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This year show off your high-value technology skills with HPE Peak Performance digital badging and achievement awards

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HPE Gen10 Fast Start

HPE offers a new digital badge to help accelerate your readiness for HPE Gen10. This program guides you through materials organized into progressive learning steps:

Step 1: Complete the free HPE Gen10 Overview  |  View Now
Step 2: Complete any one of the following HPE Gen10 eLearning courses
HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers Overview  |  View Now
HPE ProLiant Gen10 Overview - Smart Array Controllers  |  View Now
HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 Air-Cooled System Overview  |  View Now
HPE ProLiant Gen10 Embedded Server Management Overview  |  View Now
Step 3: Complete any one of the HPE Gen10 ILT/VILT courses. Choose from:
HE643S Introduction to HPE ProLiant Servers  |  View Now
HE646S HPE BladeSystem Administration  |  View Now
HK758S HPE Virtual Connect  |  View Now

Complete all three steps in this learning journey, to earn the HPE Gen10 Fast Start badge. See your earned badges by checking your Achievements tab.

Learning is a critical part of how we stay ahead, helping us to develop the skills that we need to achieve peak performance levels.

Using Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Badging program, you can track your achievements, get suggestions for what could be next in your training journey, and share your HPE-branded credentials with the world through links with Social Media.

Cloud Solutions

Is this HPE Peak Performance program just for students joining us in 2017?

No – we are awarding our existing students with badges for courses taken since January 2016!

To find out which HPE-branded digital badges you’ve earned, look for the new Achievements page within your Student Profile.

Earn badges with progressive skill levels

HPE Peak Performance Level

Register and complete any courses with HPE Education Services to reach your peak performance.


Complete Cloud courses to go from Cloud Savvy to Cloud Master!

Find HPE Cloud courses


Complete Security courses to go from Security Savvy to Security Master!

Find HPE Security courses


Complete Server courses to go from Server Savvy to Server Master!

Find HPE ConvergedSystems courses
Find HPE ProLiant courses
Find HPE HP-UX courses
Find HPE NonStop courses


Complete Networking courses to go from Networking Savvy to Networking Master!

Find HPE Networking courses


Complete Storage courses to go from Storage Savvy to Storage Master!

Find HPE Storage courses


Complete DevOps courses to go from DevOps Savvy to DevOps Master!

Find HPE DevOps courses

Receive achievement awards as you progress

Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades

Complete 1 course in 5 different HPE technology areas to earn this reward.

Double Threat
Double Threat

Complete 2 courses in 2 different HPE technology areas.

Triple Threat
Triple Threat

Complete 3 courses in 3 different HPE technology areas.

Walk the Walk
Walk the Walk

Walk-the-walk by completing the course for which you registered.

Teacher s Pet
Teacher's Pet

Complete 2 instructor-led courses to earn this badge.

Virtually Advanced
Virtually Advanced

Complete 2 instructor-led courses virtually to earn this badge.


Complete 3 web based training (WBT) courses to earn this badge.

Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious

Complete 2 courses within 30 days to earn this badge.

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FAQ: Peak Performance Digital Badging FAQs


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