Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

HP Education Services

HP Education Services

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Do you want the best of traditional classroom training combined with the best of online training without the hassles of travel and with less 'out-of-office' time? HP has already trained thousands of customers through our VILT training model. This innovative training delivery option is now available to you throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South Pacific, Latin America and North America.

Features, Advantages and Benefits of training via the VILT method

Why VILT from HP 2:29 min


  • Receive same high-quality HP Education training as our traditional face to face Instructor-led training sessions
  • Utilize our state of the art HP Virtual Rooms live web collaboration tool. Interact in real-time with instructors and fellow students via telephone audio, group chats, forums and Instant Messages. All within the encrypted 256 bit AES firewall friendly connection/environment
  • Experience the same hands-on lab training as our traditional face to face deliveries via the HP Virtual Labs. This is done via an encrypted 128 bit firewall friendly interface
  • Receive the same high-quality printed course materials (manuals) as with our traditional face to face training sessions
  • Interact with and learn from fellow classmates during lecture and lab sessions


  • No travel costs or travel hassles
  • Less time away from family and office
  • Network with other technical professionals from your country/region


  • With no travel/accommodation costs, more technicians are able to attend training on the same training budget
  • Training flexibility. Attend training from any location – home, office, anywhere
  • Don’t lose an entire day’s work as most classes are only 6 hours/day

What is a training session using the VILT delivery method?

At Hewlett-Packard, our VILT Virtual Delivery classes consist of five indispensable components:

  • HP MyRoom, enabling instructor-led training so you can take VILT classes wherever you are; your office, your home, anywhere
  • HP Virtual Labs, allowing access to practice labs on our state-of the art HP hardware, using real equipment located remotely to complete lab exercises real-time
  • In addition, our instructors are education experts who provide industry leading education and training for IT professionals
  • Printed Course Materials are shipped directly to you so they arrive several days prior to your scheduled course start date
  • Live audio lecture and interaction with Instructor and fellow classmates during scheduled course delivery hours

What do I need to attend a training session using the VILT delivery method?