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Enjoy the benefits of hands-on training—on real equipment—without making a capital investment and without risk to your own IT infrastructure. HP provides virtual access to sophisticated sets of live hardware and software system assets, so no travel is required.

 Powerful Features


Through HP Virtual Labs, you use real equipment to complete lab exercises in real time—without leaving your desk. No travel required. You can access "hands-on" training from wherever you are. Students take control of actual hardware and software in real time. Access to the HPVL is provided using a standard browser through a firewall-friendly, 128 bit encrypted, interface. Automating the HPVL environment maximizes the availability and use of the HPVL hardware and software and provides support for multiple concurrent self-paced and directed exercises.

To support a worldwide audience, the HPVL automated reservation, scheduling, configuration, and initialization systems make it possible to be responsive to diverse scheduling and resource requirements.

An easy-to-use interface provides you with a “learning environment” on your desktop, through which you’ll access lab assignments and control equipment through windows to specific devices.

You own the resources in your virtual lab for the duration of the time you have reserved. When you want to reset the environment back to its initial state, or recycle it, you can do so.

 Reasons to Choose HP

  • State-of-the-Art Hardware and Software Labs
  • Attend from wherever you choose
  • No travel costs or travel hassles
  • Stay connected with your real job while attending training
  • Complete lab exercises on real equipment
  • Access complex systems without having to buy or set them up
  • Schedule training anytime
  • 24 x 7 Infrastructure Support

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For more information on HP Virtual Training Solutions and HP Virtual Labs contact the Virtual Training Sales and Service Team.

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