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Course ID: HG769AAE  May 2008
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Course description

This is a demo of the OpenVMS Fundamentals online self-paced course. It illustrates the components of the training product and provides you with the opportunity to try the navigation that is used in this training. The first three modules illustrate a subset of the content of those modules. The remaining content is not available in this demonstration.

The OpenVMS Fundamentals online self-paced course teaches you how to use DCL, the OpenVMS command language interpreter, to create, manipulate, and manage files and directories. The training discusses how to tailor your environment using logical names and symbols. Finally, it teaches you how to develop basic command procedures and how to tailor your login sessions.

This is the first course in the OpenVMS curriculum and assumes that you have no previous experience using an OpenVMS system. The content of this web based training is the same as taught in the instructor-led version of this course (u3716s).

This training is based on OpenVMS Version 8.x.

This self-paced training includes an OpenVMS simulated environment where you can practice what you have learned. An exciting follow-on component is the opportunity for you to access the HP Virtual Lab environment for hands-on lab activity using actual OpenVMS equipment. We will have scheduled lab times on a monthly basis and an OpenVMS Expert will be available to answer your questions. You will be contacted shortly about the next scheduled HP Virtual Lab session. We recommend that you complete this self-paced training before you use the HP Virtual Lab.


Upon completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Log in to and log out of an OpenVMS system and change passwords.
  • Create and navigate their basic working environment using DCL commands.
  • Create subdirectories and organize and manipulate files within that structure.
  • Use the EVE editor to create and modify files.
  • Create, use, and delete DCL logical names and symbols.
  • Write basic command procedures.
  • Use the network to exchange data and use services from other computers.


Anyone new to OpenVMS and especially users of  DCL (the OpenVMS command language interpreter)


Basic knowledge of computer usage and terms


15 hours (includes lab simulations)