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Insight RSA 5.50 Demo

September 2010

HP Halo Collaboration Studio

Minimum viewing requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or Mozilla Firefox 1.2.1
  • System font set to small or normal
  • 800 × 600 screen area (resolution), high or medium color
  • 266MHz processor and 32MB of RAM
  • 56Kb/s modem (if viewing online)
  • JavaScript-enabled browser

For additional information and accessibility features, see Help.

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Legal notice

Course description

This course uses a series of demos to show how to:

  • Install, configure, and verify the operation of the Insight RSA CMS (Central Management Server).
  • Discover and configure Insight RSA to monitor and collect information from managed:
    • HP-UX Servers
    • Linux Servers
    • SMS (Storage Management Servers)
    • Windows Servers
    • P4000 SAN Solutions
    • Tape Libraries
  • Use Installation Advisor to verify event protocols and collect logs for support.
  • Verify the event monitoring and collections are operational.

The demonstration is not intended to replace the product documentation or formal training, nor does it provide examples for every supported platform. Always refer to the most current product documentation when performing an installation.

Click here to download the steps for all the demonstrations.


Channel Partners and Customers wanting a detailed overview of the installation, setup, and configuration of the Insight Remote Support Advanced.



Adobe Flash Player settings

Option 1 – If the Adobe Flash Player Security pop up box appears (if you are using the Adobe Flash Player settings for the first time).


  1. Click Settings.
  2. You are directed to Flash Player Help page.
  3. Here, the Global Security Settings panel appears with a dialog box to apply the settings.

    Note: In case the dialog box does not appear, please click the Global Security Settings panel link from the top left list of links.

  4. Select the option Always allow.
  5. Click the Edit locations drop down menu.
  6. Select Add location.
  7. A pop up box Trust this location appears.
  8. Select Browse for folder.
  9. Select all the drives one by one i.e. Drive C:, Drive D: etc.
  10. Select first icon in the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager pop up box to save the settings.
  11. Close the website and then the WBT.
  12. Re-launch the WBT.

Option 2 – If the Adobe Flash Player Security pop up box does not appear.


  • Right click the demonstration page.
  • Select the option Global Settings.
  • Now perform the steps from 2 – 12 listed above.


Approximately 4.30 hours